Watches You Should Wear for Specific Occasions

Searching for the right watch for you is not that simple. Sure, you might think that you
can go away with a watch that you like in terms of design, but are you really sure that
what you bought can be used no matter what the occasion is?
You see, when someone buys a watch, it is important to know that the watch is not
merely an accessory that you can look at to help you know what time it is. It should also
be looked at as a means to improve your outfit of the day.
Go out there and find anyone who is not wearing a watch and you will understand how
important a watch is in terms of improving your fashion sense.
So today, I want to talk about the different watches that you can find on the market and
tell you exactly when they are appropriate to wear.

Field Watches

Back in the first World War, the army would have to use pocket watches in order to tell
the time and to also coordinate their attacks within their ranks. However, it is not
practical to always whip out a pocket watch since they usually wear different uniforms
and special clothing that would make it nearly impossible to take out the timepiece in
After the war, field watches were created. They are basically robust watches that are
made of durable materials such as polycarbonate, ceramic, or titanium and they also
come with sapphire glass as well for added protection.
Who is this watch for? Well, if you are in the military or if you have a rugged lifestyle,
then this one is recommended for you. Some examples of this include the Timex
Expedition, Seiko SNZG09K1, and many more.

Dive Watches

Another popular watch category is the dive watch. Also known as a diver’s watch or a
tool watch, they have been popular back in the 1920s. The first dive watch that was
ever produced was the Rolex Oyster and it was worn by Mercedes Glietze in 1927. That
was the time when he swam the English Channel. After reports stated that she had
manipulated and falsified everything, she chose to wear the watch as a pendant to
ensure that everything is recorded.
Dive watches are robust and are typically made of components that can withstand the
rigors of undersea travel. They have specialized chambers to ensure that pressure
buildup is not going to happen. They also have rotating bezels to allow divers to know
exactly how long they have been submerged underwater.
This is arguably the most popular type of watch out there simply because it has been
featured in numerous shows. In fact, James Bond has worn this a couple of times
before, making it a cultural timepiece.
Some examples of this include the Omega Seamaster, the Rolex Submariner, and the
Invicta Pro Diver.

Dress Watches

Dress watches are meant to be worn on more formal occasions and whereas the
aforementioned types of watches are big and over-the-top, dress watches are more
subtle and are only made to accentuate what you are wearing.
They are rather small and thin and they either come with leather or thin metal straps.
They typically have a much simpler design and should only be there to complement
your outfit of the day.
Some examples include the Bulova 96A1343, the Cartier Tank, and the Seiko SRPA97.