The Importance of Position: Knowing a Poker Strategy


There are always three main factors on the felt that should always be taken into account. To start with, you need to evaluate your opponents and try to figure out which is the best strategy to collectively and individually achieve maximum advantage against them. Secondly, you need to pay attention to your original holding cards, especially in a game like Texas Hold’em that consists of only two holding hands, because you can only have 142 combinations. Position is the third, and probably the most important factor that you should take into account.

What is Position?

By position, what exactly do we mean? Basically, you always circulate the dealer button in the clockwise direction while playing poker, so that each player will eventually be the button, the small and big blind, for example, to make the game fair.

You should always bear in mind that the dealer key is the most desirable place to be in, and as you switch to the dealer position, the anticipated return on investment on any starting hand will be improved. The worst place to be is called ‘under the gun’. This is the player on the right side of the big blind. The reason this is the worst position, not the small blind, is the fact that you have the opportunity to act second to last, just before the big blind, at least in pre-flop play, which is actually quite important in Texas Hold’em. So you’ve got a strategically placed advantage where you won’t be overloaded in most situations to play a holding you don’t want.

It is also very important to understand that the purpose of the position is not to be in the best position over the entire table, but to be in place after the flop against some opponents. For instance, if you’re in the big blind and the small blind decides to raise you, you have to remember that you’re still standing against him. The important thing to consider is the flop, turn and river that will last move to obtain more knowledge from the actions of his adversary.

What Cards you Should Play in What Position?

In what position is a question, which cards should be played, more easily asked than answered. One key point to remember is that you should never be out of position playing weak Aces. If you manage to catch most of the pair out of one opponent’s position, you’ll probably pay him three streets. If you’re in position, after one or two bets against a solid opponent, you have the opportunity to get away from the hand.

Another situation where position matters is when you play a medium pocket pairs, where information is very important for you to evaluate the strength of your hand post flop. A situation where the position doesn’t matter much when you’re playing the right connector. Second, it’s good for your rivals to behave because it allows you the ability to quantify your estimated value and give you the chance to semi-bluff. But it doesn’t count as much as a hit or a miss.

Does the Number of Players Affect the Importance of Position?

That’s definitely the answer, indeed. The importance of position does not matter as much when playing a 10-person poker game as playing heads up where your position is more important than your starting hand. The reason for this is that if your involved in a hand post-flop against 4 or 5 players, even if you have position, your chances of successfully bluffing the pot are very low and the chance that you can approximate your opponents holdings even lower. If you’re playing heads up on the other hand, since the chance of your opponent not connecting with the flop is above 60%, your chances of bluffing the pot are greater.

Why the Pros Choose Position Over Holdings

The great Gus Hansen was undoubtedly experienced for the first time regular players had a real glimpse of how important position is in poker. They called him crazy, outrageous, and even idiotic, because at any given moment he seemed to be playing any two random cards. It was far from the facts. Hansen knew that your position could be as strong as the cards you hold in Texas Hold’em. So even if he seems willing to play anything, his madness has a wise method. It’s because his post flop game is so advanced that Hansen plays this way. It doesn’t really matter what cards he carries with a clear enough read on his foe.

How Annette Obrestad Won an Online Poker Tournament Without Knowing Her Hole Cards

Although most of you may not have heard of it before, you can actually watch Miss Obrestad play with a piece of paper in front of her card holdings throughout the entire tournament session. She is the only person recognized today who has succeeded in winning an online poker tournament without using her hole cards. What she had to do was study her opponents ‘ actions and stay in place aggressively.

Really a great feat, especially for such a young lady, and I would definitely recommend that you check out this video if you have the time.

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