The Impact of Mobile Applications in Our Lives

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The advent of mobile devices has changed the way we live our lives significantly.
Mobile applications can further the functionalities of these devices and there are so
many features out there that can truly help us gain something.

For instance, we can use mobile apps for entertainment like playing our favorite games,
listening to our favorite music, or even watching our favorite movies as well.

It can be used in businesses to further their internal processes, as well as providing
their customers with a direct gateway to their products and services.

We can also use them for paying our bills through mobile payments. There are
seemingly a lot of advantages to mobile apps which is why a lot of people want to be an
app developer.

Anyway, this article revolves around the impact of mobile applications in our lives so
that you can know how important they are in this day and age.

Social Media

Ever since Facebook has come to the fore, so many people are ecstatic about the
service because it allowed them to communicate with their friends and family no matter
where they are in the globe. Although it has started as a website, it now has a dedicated
mobile app that users can utilize on the go.

Social media is definitely something that has changed the way we lived our lives. It is
not only used as a means to communicate with your loved ones, but it can also be used
to conduct business processes as well.

In Facebook, for instance, they have a very competitive ad management campaign
where entrepreneurs can send targeted ads to their customers in the hopes of gaining
new prospects.

Aside from that, schools can conduct conference calls so that teachers and parents can
talk about students and their performance as well.


Back in the day, if you want to watch your favorite TV series, you have to go home
immediately so that you can watch it on the TV. This is quite cumbersome, especially if
you are going to face an hour of traffic.

Fortunately, entertainment apps can bring you digital entertainment in the palm of your
hands. You can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, listen to music, and even play
some games at your leisure as well.


Applications like Waze and Google Maps have certainly helped people get by,
especially if they are in a new and unfamiliar location.

By using the GPS capability of your mobile device, these apps can help pinpoint your
exact location and can provide real-time and accurate readings so that you will know
where to go.


For a time, many people have used credit cards to pay for pretty much anything that
they want to buy. However, the problem with credit cards is that they can potentially be
lost or stolen.

Fortunately, mobile apps have made mobile payments possible. Just like credit cards,
mobile payment apps like PayPal and Alipay allow users to utilize the app to pay for the
stuff that they want or need. All they have to do is do a couple of taps and that’s about
it. Alternatively, they can just scan a QR code at the register to do the same thing as well.