Is There a Difference Between VPS and Shared Web Hosting?


A lot of people want to have their own websites and aside from thinking about whether they will create a website from scratch or just using a website builder, they also have to think about their hosting provider.
In your quest to find the best hosting provider out there, you’ve found that there are two viable options that you can take. You can either go for shared web hosting or VPS hosting, but you are unaware of their differences.
Well, in this article, I will go over the main differences to help you choose which one will be the right option for you.

Shared Hosting

For you to understand the different web hosting options out there, I am first going to talk about how it actually works. Hosting companies buy very powerful computers and they will turn it into their servers.
These servers will then operate 24/7 to deliver the best quality service. So, how will your website come into play? When you sign up to a particular service, your website will be hosted inside a particular server and so long as this powerful computer is running, your website will be visible online.
Now, when it comes to shared hosting, your website will actually be placed inside a server along with other websites. That means that your CPU resources are pretty much shared with others, thus performance may be subpar, at least, when compared to dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting

Now that you know what shared hosting is, VPS hosting is actually quite similar to that. Your website will still be placed in a server along with other websites, albeit you will be given certain bandwidth, storage, and CPU resources based on the plan that you’ve got.
The company can do this by using virtualization software that would allow them to put your website in a dedicated virtual environment.
You could say that VPS web hosting is a bridge between shared and dedicated hosting in that you are pooled with other webmasters in terms of having a server but you are given certain resources just like dedicated hosting.
Because of this somewhat special treatment, VPS hosting plans are a bit more expensive than shared hosting.

Which One is Right for You?

So, which one should you take? To be honest, it all depends on your needs. If you just want a rather simple solution that doesn’t break the bank, you’re going to be okay with shared web hosting.
However, if you will need more dedicated resources and you want to be able to gain root access and other special features, then VPS hosting is definitely one that I would recommend for you.
Now, you might be wondering when you are going to get dedicated hosting. Well, if you are up to the task of paying thousands of dollars every month and you are running a business that will make that a reality then, by all means do so. However, if you are a regular person like you and me, you should stick to the options above.