Amazing Tips from Top Architects


Appointing the best architect for your design project

  • Ask for a list and images of existing and previous work.
  • Determine the main contact with the general contractor, architect, and other people involved in the home design project.
  • Get planning permission. This lasts for 5 years.
  • Involve your architect early on in the planning session. This can save you lots of money and time. He or she will give you a set of options, and discuss the most appropriate choices based on your requirements.
  • As much as possible, appoint an architect even on small projects like an attic conversion or kitchen extension. They can find solutions that can improve the potentials of your home.

Come up with a list of requirements, and develop a brief

  • Clarify what you want to achieve. Do you want to renovate, extend or build?
  • Describe the state of your current home. What do you love or hate most about it?
  • Anything missing?
  • What are your expectations? What specific functions and activities do you want to do in your own space?
  • Evaluate your lifestyle, and check what type of space you need.
  • How often do you spend time on the bedroom, living room, study, kitchen, garden and utility space?

Design and Energy Efficiency

  • Consider home renovation to improve the lighting around the home. The architect may recommend some changes to your home layout, for it to benefit from sunlight.
  • Insulate the attic. This can lessen the bills, and make the home even more comfortable.
  • Energy efficiency is a crucial part of home living. Make sure to choose an architect from a top architecture company in Malaysia, so he. or she can inform you about using energy from different renewable sources.
  • Your architect would advise you about the best options when it external or internal wall insulation.
  • Upgrade your windows to lessen heat loss, and improve overall thermal performance.

Furniture and Finishes

  • Be very selective in using color. Unified, lighter color schemes maximize the sense of light and space.
  • Get high wall cabinets in the kitchen, as well as shelves and wardrobes.