6 Beautiful Homes Dug Into the Earth


House by César Manrique – Spain

For those who are aiming for a vintage home, this is the perfect 18th century inspiration. The property is surrounded by wonderful steel sculptures and cacti. The stone steps all lead down to the much lower floor rock, and the narrow passageways leading to the caves.

Dani Ridge Home by Schicketanz and Carver – California

This residential property was built to be sustainable. In order to conceal the house from uphill neighbors, and preserve the surrounding landscapes, professionals put a wedge around the hill, and put the home in it. All of the home’s utilities are hidden belowground.

Villa Vals, by Christian Muller Architects – Switzerland

This structure is a modern version of old subterranean dwellings. Because of the site’s sensitivity, the architects buried the establishment deep in the hillside, leaving al the surrounding nature undisturbed. Do you want to have this kind of home someday? There are a lot of architecture firms in Malaysia that can help you achieve this goal.

Malator – Future Systems – Wales

The Malator is located at a clifftop at Wales. It is a one-room structure that is barely below the ground. It has no driveway, ancillary external spaces or garden, so it just simply spreads through the landscape. A little glazed doorway is seen on the side. Its internal functional spaces are contained in prefabricated pods.

The Hobbit House, by Jasmine and Simon Dale – Wales

This low-cost, low-impact establishment was created using local natural materials and other basic tools. The solar panels, compost toilets, wood burner and gravity-fed spring water make this home sustainable. To minimize visual impact, it is dug partially into the hill.

Dutch Mountain, by Denieuwegeneratie – Netherlands

Dutch Mountain is a sustainable house which is embedded in a sturdy wooden Dutch moor. In this moor, the ground rises up, absorbing the home back into itself. According to professionals, embedding the home in the hill hid and at the same tine insulated it.